Heather Zir was a Los Angeles/Santa Cruz, California based Singer/Songwriter. She began with poetry and it wasn't long before Heather was a published poet. Her poetry is featured in numerous literary magazines and books. Having come from a musical background, it was inevitable that Heather would end up in the music business. Her Grandfather was a session string player with jazz greats like Charlie Parker, Clifford Brown, and Duke Ellington. Her Grandmother was a piano player for many of the silent movies in New York. She started with piano as a teenager, then graduated to the guitar soon after. In addition, she played harmonica simultaneously with guitar. Heather played a wide variety of instruments and used each and every one in her live shows.

After writing numerous songs, she ventured out to perform as a solo artist. Realizing that these songs needed to be captured in the studio, she began working on her debut LP with Producer Dan Marfisi who's worked with Poe, Lowen & Navarro, Mindi abhair (Mandy Moore, Backstreet Boys.) Ten recorded songs later, she completed the compelling record appropriately titled, "UNDEFINED". Soon after, the title track off the album was picked to be on a compilation CD featuring local Los Angeles artists. Heather was featured with artists like Anne McCue (Lucinda Williams).

Heather played regularly at world famous clubs like The Derby and The Gig. With her fresh new sound and band, she quickly created a demand and buzz within world-class venues. Her band included Leon Abner (drummer on Michael Jackson's Bad Tour, and drummer for George Clinton's Parliament Funkadelic), KC (Bass player from The Busboys and The Temptations.) Heather's extensive repertoire of songs incorporates many different styles. From blues to ballads to rock to urban folk, her music is a myriad of poetic and musical mysteries. The lyrical substance alone separates her from the rest. Combined with her melodies and musicianship, the songs of Heather Zir are unforgettable.

Heather Zir is already among the ranks of top quality artists. Heather's music was featured on 95.5 KLOS, local licks radio show on Sunday, September 29th between 11PM and 12PM.


Heather's CD, "Undefined" available at:

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